Multiplayer iPhone strategy game Mecho Wars goes free

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Multiplayer iPhone strategy game Mecho Wars goes free
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Turn-based strategy game Mecho Wars - a sort of pastel psychedelic Advance Wars for iPhone - has been gone free.

Now up to version 1.5.3, Mecho Wars has received a glut of improvements since our review last year, when it was the worthy recipient of a Pocket Gamer Bronze Award.

Gameplay is turn-based, with players taking charge of the forces of either the Landians or the Winged Crusade, expanding control of the map by conquering gold-generating cities and eventually capturing the opposition HQ.

The game now boasts four different online modes and OpenFeint support for the competitive or boastful to publish their best tallies.

At time of writing there is no indication if the free price-tag is a permanent one.
Wayne Turton
Wayne Turton
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