iPhone turn-based game Mecho Wars 'MIGHT' be coming to Android

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iPhone turn-based game Mecho Wars 'MIGHT' be coming to Android
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According to Luc Bernard, creative director at Oyaji Games, turn-based strategy title Mecho Wars may soon be available to Android owners.

Posting on Twitter, Bernard revealed, “Mecho Wars might be coming to android, or we MIGHT be doing Android games, take it as a MIGHT”

Bernard posted in January on the forums requesting a partner who would want to help in porting his games to the Android platform.

He mentioned several gamers there, including iPhone titles VvW: Angels of London, and SteamPirates, and PSP title Reaper, amongst others.

The iPhone version of Mecho Wars throws you into the middle of a conflict between two factions – the Winged Crusade and the Landians.

You have to command your troops and expand control of your surroundings over 20 campaign levels and ten challenge maps. Online multiplayer modes are also available.

We gave it a Bronze Award.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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