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player1games' Mathletix series is the perfect tool for helping children learn math fundamentals in a fun way

Math games built by a father for his own kids

player1games' Mathletix series is the perfect tool for helping children learn math fundamentals in a fun way

Mobile developer player1games has released a series of three educational apps called Mathletix to help children with their K-5 maths skills. These games were designed by a father for his own daughter who was having difficulty with the fundamentals of addition, subtraction and multiplication, making it a perfect companion during these trying times.

The games were inspired by real classroom exercises, homework and practice tests. They have removed the pressure children sometimes feel with tests by allowing you to adjust the timer until they feel more confident. In addition, it also looks to provide positive feedback throughout to ensure they are enjoying their learning experience with the only form of competition being their own best attempt, which then gives them a realistic goal to overcome.

Players will be able to develop fluency in the areas of addition, subtraction and multiplication through the game's in-built difficulty system. This will slowly increase the number of harder questions but it will also bring up the frequency of the equations the child is struggling with to build mastery as your child becomes more proficient .

The Mathletix games also have an easy to use tool for parents that shows them which areas their child might be particularly struggling with. This then allows parents to sit down and help them out with these more challenging questions at a pace that suits them.

The games themselves are straightforward to play and a lot of fun too, which is important as learning whilst having fun will obviously make the whole experience more enjoyable and therefore something children will want to keep doing. The frequency and repetition will help children improve their ability in these three different areas whilst boosting their confidence with the subject as well.

Repetition doesn't mean it's boring, however. There are a variety of games to play within each of the apps including Falling Factors, Skip Count Crush, Math Stacks, Math Laps and Flash Card Castle. These modes present questions with different mini-games that will keep children learning and entertained for a long time.

Each of the apps is bright and colourful with cute characters that will appeal to young children. The UI is equally pleasant, using very little text to clog up the screen, which makes the game immediately look much more fun. The look is consistent across all three apps too, so children will be able to seamlessly switch from one to another without issue.

All three of these educational apps are available now over on the App Store. They are all premium titles that cost $2.99. That means there are no worries about in-app purchases, having to enter an email address or give away any kind of personal data. Finally a kids educational tool that doesn’t ask you or your child for any personal information. It's simply a fun tool that will help children improve their fundamental maths skills.

The three apps that are available focus on different areas of K-5 mathematics and include the following:

Mathletix Addition


Mathletix Subtraction


Mathletix Multiplication