Marvel Snap launches its latest season of content; Spider-Versus

Marvel Snap launches its latest season of content; Spider-Versus

The extremely successful PvP card battler Marvel Snap has introduced its latest season of content, this time revolving around Spider-Man and associated characters. The launch of such a themed season coincides with the recent release of the new Spiderverse movie, which has also been making quite a few waves within the movie industry.

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Marvel Snap, for the unaware, is the most recent hit mobile Marvel game. Having only launched a few months back, this wildly popular card battler sees you creating decks of a huge variety of different characters both from the Marvel movies and comics. Using this deck, you’ll take to matchmaking against real-world or AI opponents, where you’ll then battle it out across three separate locations that change every game, each with different effects.

All of these factors combine into a really high-skill ceiling style of card game with a ton of different decks that each play a lot differently than the other. And now, with the introduction of these new Spider-Man cards, there’s even more deck potential to dig your teeth into.

The new Series 5 card is Silk, which can move allied or opponent cards to other locations and set up tricky control situations. The new Series 4 card is Spider-Man 2099, which destroys an enemy card upon being placed at a new location. Alongside 2099, there’s also Spider-Ham, who will transform your opponent’s highest-cost in-hand card into a PIG, taking away its abilities.

Finally, the new Season Pass reward card is Ghost-Spider, which will move your most recent card played to where she is revealed upon being played. This makes for even more trickery when paired with Silk, so you can make some wild decks.

If you want to check out these new cards, as well as the new Locations that are being introduced this season, you can download Marvel Snap for free at either of the links below and get started!

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