Marvel Snap releases new patch ahead of all the exciting new content in development

This update gets you perfectly ready for the summer

Marvel Snap releases new patch ahead of all the exciting new content in development
  • Character Albums and Collectible Borders join the game
  • Deadpool's Diner will be released in July to celebrate the character's arrival in the MCU
  • Alliance mode finally releases on July 30th

Nuverse has just released a new patch for Marvel Snap that is all set to get the popular card game ready for the summer. It’s not a humongous update but it does bring some fun stuff to the title. If anything, it will prepare you for the arrival of new content like Deadpool’s Diner and Alliances. They’re just a few weeks away so expect to hear more about them soon.

The MCU’s highly anticipated movie, Deadpool and Wolverine, is just around the corner, and Marvel Snap is already ready for it. When Character Albums arrive in July, these two heroes will be the first to join the fray. These albums will include a single character’s variants and each will offer you a bunch of rewards on collection.

upcoming deadpool diners mode in marvel snap

Collectible Borders are also available throughout the title. You can find them in the Season Pass, Conquest Medal Shop and through login bonuses. Even bonus progress for the Character Albums will be given for variants that are part of Bundles, Season Passes, and limited-time ones. Besides this, there are of course a few bug fixes and updates here and there to improve your overall experience.

If you haven’t heard about some of the bigger features coming to Marvel Snap soon, here’s a brief look at them. Wade Wilson takes on the card battler in Deadpool’s Diner, a special event that aims to shake things up. It will include loads of content inspired by the movie with wagers much higher than the typical cubes. Get ready for some high-stakes battles in July.

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Something else that always comes up is team-based battles. Well, the developers have heard you because the much-requested Alliances mode releases on July 30th. You will soon be able to join forces and take on other squads. Fight hard and establish yourself as the best guild in the game.

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