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Marvel Future Revolution tier list - Every character ranked

All of the MFR heroes sorted from the worst to the best one at the moment on our tier list

Marvel Future Revolution tier list - Every character ranked
Updated on December 6th, 2021

Today we present you with a Marvel Future Revolution tier list based on each hero's overall performance, their skill set and scaling into the late game.

Marvel's first open-world action RPG for mobiles is finally here. Available for both Android and iOS devices, Marvel Future Revolution gives players a chance to take control of their favourite superheroes and go on new adventures as they explore a world designed with 3D AAA Graphics combined with original storylines. 

All heroes in Marvel Future Revolution have their own strengths and weaknesses along with unique playstyles. They are all strong in their own way and they are fun to play with but not everyone is created equal, some are definitely stronger than others!

Please keep in mind that future game updates might change these power rankings as nerfs or buffs to certain champions might be coming soon!

To make sure you always keep up with the latest news, make sure to bookmark this page as we will update our lists regularly. The big blue button below the table will lead you to the individual hero explanations.

  Character Tier
  Black Widow S+
  Spider Man S
  Iron Man A+
  Dr. Strange A
  Storm A-
  Captain Marvel B+
  Star-Lord B
  Captain America B-