Marvel Contest of Champions introduces its creative Incursions co-op mode

A sizable improvement over Dungeons

Marvel Contest of Champions introduces its creative Incursions co-op mode

Marvel Contest of Champions has now launched its new and improved co-op mode known as Incursions. It's outwardly a lot like the old Dungeons mode but with a host of improvements and interesting ideas thrown into the mix.

The basic idea is that you'll team up with another player, choose your party, and head out to take down a series of increasingly challenging enemies.

Incursions is a permanent mode available basically 24/7, and it gives you access to all six classes on a single quest board while offering you the chance to utilise pretty much every buff going.

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You might remember that Dungeons had some strict room timers that often forced you to complete everything in one run. This has thankfully been changed for Incursions, so you can now come and go as you please.

There's a real focus here on enhancing player agency and allowing you to get creative. Choice nodes give you the chance to swap out champions during your run to take on whoever you're set to face next. You'll also be able to choose your own buffs after each encounter.

There are two kinds of buff: one that enhances your abilities, and another that gives your champions abilities that they don't normally have access to. When the mode launches, there will be 26 common buffs and 13 boss buffs. Your buffs last three rooms each, so you can have up to nine of them active at one time, meaning there's plenty of room for player experimentation and creative synergies.

In terms of rewards, you'll get your milestone payout whenever you complete a room – another improvement over Dungeons. This should hopefully encourage you to venture deeper than ever before for even better rewards.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available for download now as a free-to-play title from both the App Store and Google Play

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