Marvel Contest of Champions: Everything you need to know about the Summoner Showdown 2021

Marvel Contest of Champions: Everything you need to know about the Summoner Showdown 2021

After the Battlerealm was shaken by the 2019 and 2020 Summoner Showdown, the event is back again in MARVEL Contest of Champions! The 2021 Summon Showdown has officially kicked off with the first qualifier round.

The qualifiers will go on for another two weeks, where players will have to participate in three qualifier rounds, fighting gruelling bosses while making their way up the regional leaderboard. The top 9 Summoners from each region will take part in the semi-finals and finals, putting everything to the test, to finally become the Ultimate Champion in this Contest of Champions.

nameless groot

Qualifier Dates

Each phase of the qualifying rounds will occur over one week, beginning from August 16th, and ending on August 31st. Here are the exact details along with the bosses you must face:
  1. Qualifier 1: Monday, August 16th at 10 am PT – Saturday, August 21st at 10 am PT - Nameless King Groot
  2. Qualifier 2: Saturday, August 21st at 10 am PT – Thursday, August 26th at 10 am PT - Nameless Scarlet Witch (Classic)
  3. Qualifier 3: Thursday, August 26th at 10 am PT – Tuesday, August 31st at 10 am PT - Nameless Hyperion

Difficulty Levels

The contest will be divided into three difficulties. They are Bronze, Silver and Gold, with each level being more difficult than the former. Players will have a chance to choose the difficulty they want to play at and will be rewarded according to their choice.

Gold is for the strongest Summoners out there who HAVE TO be at Level 60 and Thronebreaker in-game to be able to participate. You can only use 5-Star Champions in this battle, though I don’t think you were considering any lower Champion anyway. One summoner from the Americas, Europe & Russia, Asia & Oceania will be selected for the semi-finals after each qualifier week.

If that sounds too daunting, players can also play at Silver or Bronze difficulty, which has zero requirements. You can use teams of 5 Champions with boosts and consumables available in order to win. It’s basically a watered-down version of Gold.

marvel contest of champions summoner showdown 2021

For each fight, players will have 70 attempts and a total of 10 minutes per battle, so make sure every minute and every attempt counts.

It is time to take your Champions into the Battlerealm and emerge victorious! Download MARVEL Contest of Champions for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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