2020 has been a year to remember, with lots of inaction happening in the outside world, despite loads of global issues that did require actual action. Regardless of that, Action games continued to make their way onto the mobile platform, with a plethora of new games breaking into the genre. We've built this list of the best new mobile action games of 2020 to celebrate.

Action games are video games that have an emphasis on physical challenges within the game, creating a need for hand-eye coordination and good reaction-times outside of the game. There are a lot of sub-genres in the action genre, from fighting games to shooters - but there are also a large number of platformers that contain an action element.

We have searched high and low, taking in all of the different sub-genres and all of the different aspects that count make up a mobile action game, and we have found the best mobile action games that have come out in the last year. And, we want to share all of these games with you, so you can be a part of the action.

So, click on through the list below to find our our list of the best new mobile action games of 2020.