Marvel Contest of Champions introduces Lady Deathstrike and Dani Moonstar in latest update

Marvel Contest of Champions introduces Lady Deathstrike and Dani Moonstar in latest update

After a thrilling crossover with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel Contest of Champions has just released its latest update that brings two more iconic characters from the pages of Marvel comics. Joining the superhit superhero fighting game this time are Dani Moonstar and Lady Deathstrike.

Marvel Contest of Champions’ update begins with Sunspot and Warlock on a diplomatic mission in Krakoa, where they are attacked by Mutants under the command of Lady Deathstrike. In an attempt to escape, they find themselves in an arid region of the Battleworld, where they encounter an unlikely ally in Dani Moonstar.

The three must work together in order to return to Krakoa safely, but it’s about to be a perilous ride. The World Seed, a mythical Asgardian relic was discovered in an escape pod, and its fate is somehow linked to the survival of the entire Battlerealm. It is up to the trio to save the universe in Marvel COC’s Strike Fear campaign.

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If you're not too familiar with the characters, here’s a brief overview of them. Lady Deathstrike originally went by the name Yuriko Oyama. Her hatred for Wolverine forced her to turn into a cyborg who has similar adamantium claws and healing abilities. As a villain, Yuriko is determined to avenge her father’s legacy by destroying Logan.

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Dani Moonstar on the other hand, is part of the New Mutants herself, occasionally even known to lead the squad. She has illusion-based powers which originally manifested only as others’ greatest fears. As Dani gained control of her abilities, she began creating powerful Neural Arrows in her battles to save the Mutants.

Both these characters will be available in-game within a couple of weeks, with Dani Moonstar arriving on June 15th, and Lady Deathstrike on the 20th. Get ready for a mutant-filled adventure by downloading Marvel Contest of Champions now for free.

Tanish Botadkar
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