Maradona squeezes onto your mobile

You don't need the hand of god to get to grips with this mobile soccer game

Maradona squeezes onto your mobile
| Maradona

Of all the players to grace football's famous number 10 shirt, few can claim to be more skilful (or for that matter controversial) than Maradona.

Rather than a straight soccer sim, Maradona the mobile game focuses, appropriately enough, upon the man's individual skill, requiring you to dribble past defenders and score gorgeous goals.

Viewed in pseudo-3D from behind the great one himself (obviously using a wide angle camera) the game appears to owe as much to comic books as it does to FIFA, frequently breaking into slow-mo and fancy Matrix-style effects.

The control system is based around 18 different button combinations, which either have to be followed from the screen or memorised in order to pull off the moves used to slip past the oncoming defenders.

There are 20 levels in total; we assume one will be dedicated to Maradona's immortal volleyball technique…

Chris James
Chris James
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