MapleStory M's latest update adds the new Pathfinder Class alongside new events and rewards

MapleStory M's latest update adds the new Pathfinder Class alongside new events and rewards
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Winter in MapleStory M brings the new Pathfinder class alongside numerous holiday events to enjoy. With this, there is also the addition of new daily and weekly missions, achievements, and a new mini-dungeon. The maximum level has also been raised to level 250.

The Pathfinder is an expert sharpshooter who wields an ancient bow. Players who already pre-registered the new class will receive additional bonuses like Auto Battle Charge Tickets and EXP Tickets. To quickly level up this character, all players can also participate in the Mega Burning, On-Time and Growth Support events. A Pathfinder Link Event will also run until January 19th, which will provide players with rewards like a Pathfinder gift box, Ancient Relic, and more on reaching levels 70, 120, and 140.

Making his debut on MapleStory M is the Black Mage’s fourth commander Arkarium. He first worked as a servant under Rhinne, Maple World’s Transcendent of Time. After defeating Arkarium players will acquire enough resources to craft the new boss accessory called the Dominator Pendant.

Players can also explore the newly added map, the Dreaming City Lachelein. Situated in the Arcane River, the map brings with it new quests, monsters, area items, and a new Arcane force field. Mini-dungeons can now be auto-played multiple times by using tickers and mesos with this update. There’s also a host of winter seasonal events coming to MapleStory M. Check them out below.

  • I&B Burning Challenge Mission Event – Between December 15th and January 19th, players can earn Ice Agent or Burning Agent player titles
  • Holiday Mr. Kim’s Gift – In the last week of December, players just need to tap Mr. Kim for free rewards.
  • Winter Happyville Events – Throughout December and January, numerous events will be held, allowing players to receive multiple rewards
  • Other events will also celebrate 2022’s arrival and give out loads of rewards like AB tickets, EXP tickets, Luckyday scroll 5%, cubes, and more

Download MapleStory M now for free on the App Store and Google Play and get yourself Pathfinder.

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