MapleStory M introduces its first ever original character - Sia Astelle

MapleStory M introduces its first ever original character - Sia Astelle
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It's quite the week for MapleStory M because Nexon has just released the first original character for the mobile MMORPG. Called Sia Astelle, this new hero is a Star Guardian from the Magician Class that has never been part of any other version of MapleStory, including other forms of MapleStory M.

MapleStory M’s Sia Astelle is the powerful guardian of Oort, which is the home to all stars. She lives to serve the cosmos by guiding the stars to traverse along a path set for them. It is an extremely important duty and sounds daunting but it allowed Sia to lead quite a peaceful life.

However, we’d have no story if that were to continue. Well, after a bunch of strange events took place, Sia Astelle found herself in the Maple World. Unfortunately, she had to leave her relaxing life in the Oort behind, but a new adventure awaits her here.

To make Sia’s feel as welcome to the Maple World as possible, a number of bonus events are being held which will provide players with a number of rewards. Those that participated in her Pre-Creation event will be receiving rewards anyway, but her Growth Mission will ensure that those that missed out still get some goodies.

Levelling Astelle up will be a little simpler as well. The Mega Burning Plus event ensures that she gains two levels on levelling up once. Other characters can benefit from this too as players can select one other hero that gains exp when Sia raises her level.


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MapleStory M is also celebrating the new year with an event that features lots of minigames which tasks players with delivering food, gathering coins while on the hunt and dodging barriers by climbing up trees. In addition to this, loads of freebies will be given to commemorate 2023 as well as the Lunar Year.

Download MapleStory M now for free and get your hands on Sia Astelle.

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