MapleStory M is launching in China as MapleStory: The Legends of Maple soon

MapleStory M is launching in China as MapleStory: The Legends of Maple soon

The MapleStory franchise has been around for nearly two decades now, amassing over 180 million players who generated more than $4 billion in wealth. The mobile version, MapleStory M has been a hit too, but unfortunately, players in China were never able to enjoy it. Things are about to change, though.

MapleStory M is finally coming to China through a joint effort between Tencent Games and Nexon’s partner Tiancity, who will be publishing the title. It will be an exclusively localized release and has been titled MapleStory: The Legends of Maple. The game is currently under development so things about its release are still under wraps.

There shouldn’t be anything majorly different from the global version as The Legends of Maple brings all the classic elements back with a fresh new twist. The title will still feature iconic characters like Blue Snail, Slime and Orange Mushroom in a more optimized and polished world. Both veteran and novice players will have something to look forward to.

MapleStory M has also constantly been building on its lore and it recently introduced its first-ever original character – Sia Astelle. She is a new Star Guardian from the Magician Class and has never been part of any other games of the franchise. Perhaps the Chinese version will see some exclusive characters join the fray as well. Read more about her in our recent article.

We will know more about a concrete release date for MapleStore: The Legends of Maple sometime in the future. Until then, if you're outside of China you can download MapleStory M for free by clicking either of the links below. For more information, check out the official website and follow their Twitter handle to stay up to date with all the latest developments.

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