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Maim Street is the debut title from So Choice Softworks

Strolling onto the AppStore today

Maim Street is the debut title from So Choice Softworks
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[Update] Maim Street is out now on iOS.

This one looks properly quirky and violent and could just be up your street.

Maim Street definitely fulfils the wanton destruction combined with evangelist passio quota.

Maim Street has also received a brand new release trailer which you can view here.

It's half live action, half gameplay, but it definitely gets the message across.

Let us know if you play the game in the comments section below.

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[Original Story] Mobile gamers are used to crossing roads. Some might even think they're pros at it.

But So Choice Softworks debut game may change perceptions when Maim Street arrives on the AppStore this Thursday.

It's a catoony, violent sim where you play a crossing guard. The aim is to help pedestrians safely get to the other side while blowing up cars in the process.

Your score increases as you save people, and in turn you earn prizes to upgrade your game.

You can have a statue built in your honor by grateful townspeople, and even unlock a bazooka for total and utter mayhem.

With procedurally generated environments, cars, and over 50 unique pedestrians, this one looks devastatingly satisfying and sounds horrifically squelchy.

Don't believe us? Watch this.

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