RocketCat's pixel-art action-RPG Mage Gauntlet 'coming soon' to iOS

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RocketCat's pixel-art action-RPG Mage Gauntlet 'coming soon' to iOS
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Super QuickHook developer RocketCat is bringing new classic-style action-RPG Mage Gauntlet to iOS some time this year, complete with a "humorous storyline" and a lack of "tedious fetch quests".

Inspired by the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and games such as the excellent Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Mage Gauntlet will task you with defeating waves of enemies over 84 levels, casting magic spells, and collecting items to boost your various attributes.

Upon completing the game you'll unlock a remixed Master mode, which pits you against overwhelming enemy numbers. You can adopt 19 different pets to gain several helpful bonuses and unlock 86 achievements as you play.

Mage Gauntlet will hit the App Store for £1.49/$1.99, but will rise to £1.99/$2.99 after just 24 hours.

Those of you who buy the game during its opening weekend will receive a special selection of hats, and a stat-boosting RocketCat pet.

Check out the screenshots in our gallery above.

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