Details emerge on Zynga's upcoming Facebook crime sequel Mafia Wars 2

Back in business

Details emerge on Zynga's upcoming Facebook crime sequel Mafia Wars 2
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Social gaming giant Zynga is almost ready to release Facebook sequel Mafia Wars 2, with a host of upgrades, improvements, and features not present in the original crime-filled caper.

That's evident as soon as you check out the game's new visual style in our gallery (over there to the right).

Mafia Wars 2 will see you take on the role of a mobster, following a five-year stint in the clink for a crime that - rather shockingly - you didn't actually commit.

Cleaning up

Once out, you purchase a casino and a gun (naturally), and begin to construct buildings on a small plot of land just outside of the city that doesn't sleep.

During play, you'll come up against several computer-controlled opponents in kill-or-be-killed situations, including tough bosses who require extra work to successfully take to the cleaners.

Your money-making casinos and dodgy DVD distribution factories are also under constant threat from a coterie of unscrupulous characters.

Family guy

It's not just computer-controlled opponents you have to worry about, though, if you want to avoid sleeping with the fishes.

Mafia Wars 2 features a multiplayer mode that will allow you to regularly enter Player-vs-Player combat, which you'll win - or lose - through wishful clicks of your mouse.

Win, and you'll get to rob your opponents blind. Lose, however, and you better hope that your insurance covers the damage.

Mafia Wars 2 will launch on Facebook - and possibly Google+ - in the coming weeks.