Machinaero is 2D vehicle invention game that's heading for iOS in December

Build cars, gliders and spaceships

Machinaero is 2D vehicle invention game that's heading for iOS in December
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Machinaero is a game about inventing machines so that you can better explore the world. It's being developed by a one-person game studio called Emoak. It will be available on 10th December for iOS.

It's a 2D sandbox game with a physics engine that will simulate all of the minutiae that might affect a vehicle. Whether that's lift, drag, wind friction or even temperature and it'll be up to you to create a vehicle that can function under the various conditions you can encounter in Machinaero.

There'll be different biomes that well test your inventing abilities. You'll be challenged to traverse everything from rough seas to freezing mountains and wild jungles. The developer says that there won't be any limits beyond your imagination to what you can build and it won't be restricted to one type of vehicle either. You could make a car, a glider or even a spacecraft.


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You'll do this using a variety of block types, with more than 50 available to you in the game. You'll pop them together and take your new vehicle out for a test drive. This could be as simple as sticking some wheels on a flat object and having your character lay down on it as your hurtle down hills or something a bit more complex like a rocket.

Since starting the game developer Tobias Sturn has studied aerodynamics so that he can try to make the game as realistic as possible. I really admire his dedication to his game, particularly since he's been working on Machinaero for the better part of 5 years whilst working a full-time job. So I'm really looking forward to seeing how this passion project turns out.

Machinaero will be available on the App Store on 10th December. It will be a premium game that will cost $2.99.

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