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Machinaero, a game about inventing your own vehicles, is available now for iOS

Build various types of transportation

Machinaero, a game about inventing your own vehicles, is available now for iOS
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We first covered Machinaero about a month ago. It's a game all about creating different types of transport so that you can better explore the world. As of today Machinaero is out and can be picked up on iOS.

Machinaero started life as a passion project by Tobias Sturn that he worked on outside of his regular 9-5. His aim was to create a game that could evoke the emotions associated with exploring new places and the sense of achievement people get from feats like climbing mountains as well as trying to create a realistic simulation.

Despite the 2D style possibly implying otherwise, Sturn promises the game will have an accurate simulation of things like wind friction, lift, drag, pressure, temperature and fluids. There are five different climates to be found in the game where you'll have to overcome them and invent vehicles that can cope with the conditions of each zone.

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Building those vehicles appears to be very straightforward. You'll have a choice of around 50 block types that all snap together so you can create whichever mode of transport for that situation. That could be a car, helicopter or even a rocket ship. It's just a case of deciding which will work best in strong winds or to make your way through dense jungles.

As you can see from the trailer above these vehicles can be as simple as a board with two wheels that your character can lie down on as it rolls across the landscape. Alternatively, you can be a bit more ambitious and create one that has a propulsion system to push it across the world rather than relying on gravity.

Machinaero is available now through the App Store. It's a premium title that costs $2.99.

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