Lure is a tight arcade game about luring your foes to their doom, launching today

Lure is a tight arcade game about luring your foes to their doom, launching today
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Uprooted Software, who you might know for their fossil-hunting AR app ARcheology, have been working away on exceptional arcade experience Lure for quite some time now, and we're very pleased to be the first to announce that the game is now live on the App Store.

So, what is Lure? Well, it's a game all about deftly dodging and ensnaring your foes, somehow surviving against greater numbers as you trick them into imploding against red-hot orbs. As the game progresses you'll even unlock a NewGame+ which features a timing challenge to it as well. It is all about arcade sensibilities. When you make a mistake it feels like your own and, with new mechanics introduced at a steady pace, there's a genuine feeling of success as you push through trickier, almost impossible-seeming, scenarios.

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And, much like some of the best modern arcade gams (*cough* Super Hexagon *cough*) Lure features a great soundtrack which ties intrinsically to the action. As a matter of fact, the music is from Melodrive Inc, who have an AI-driven, adaptive music technology which ensures the audio matches the gameplay and, as you'll see in the trailer below, the visual effects. The developer also added that they had made a lot of effort for accessibility purposes: "At Uprooted Software, we believe in increasing accessibility. Lure has multiple accessibility features, such as altering game speed, audio volumes, visual styles, and controlling input areas. We aim to make the game as comfortable to play as possible because your enjoyment is paramount."

It's all incredibly hypnotic and involving, and I'm confident that Lure is a game people will still be playing for quite some time.

Lure is available from today on the App Store, the first ten levels are free (with no advertising), and you can pay for a further thirty, exceptional levels.

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