Luck Be A Landlord, the unique slots-based roguelike deckbuilder, opens iOS pre-orders

Luck Be A Landlord, the unique slots-based roguelike deckbuilder, opens iOS pre-orders

The interesting and satirical roguelike deckbuilder Luck Be A Landlord, which launched on Steam quite some time ago, is now available to pre-order on iOS! This unique little slot machine simulator sees you attempting to defeat your landlord by gathering up a boatload of in-game currency to not only best your evil landlord, but capitalism itself.

The gameplay of Luck Be A Landlord is simple; it’s a slot machine. No, no, there’s no real-world money gambling going on here, nor are there any microtransactions. You begin with one coin, which you put into the slot machine, which then rolls a random assortment of icons that have various effects.

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Of course, this is a deckbuilder, so there are plenty of different symbols to unlock which will then have differing effects on your game. Some may give you tons of coins right away, while others may increase the odds of a different icon appearing, and another might affect the chances of higher rarity icons appearing on your slot machine pulls. It’s a really interesting spin, if you’ll pardon the pun, on the roguelike deckbuilding formula, and really helps it stand out from games like Slay the Spire or Monster Train.

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I should also clarify; while there is a base story premise, this game has almost no plot at all. It’s a cheap, small-scale indie game, so don’t expect some beautiful art or crazy plot twists or anything like that. This is deckbuilding in its truest form, with not many other mechanics to speak of. If that turns you off of it, I’d recommend at least giving it a chance, as the general slot machine mechanics are extremely addicting.

So, if you want to try out what is one of the most unique deck builder roguelikes out there right now, you can pre-order Luck Be A Landlord for only $4.99 at the link below!

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