Lovecatch arrives on Android Market

What is Love(catch)? Baby don’t hurt me

Lovecatch arrives on Android Market
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With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching and the usual heart-based balloons starting to slowly drift their way into every card shop around the land, what better way to show your appreciation for your loved one than by shooting arrows through their heart?

The law forbids such activity, but at least there’s a new game on the Android Market that might just sate your romantic blood thirst.

Lovecatch, by Hyperdevbox, is a reaction-based casual game in which brightly coloured hearts float down and require popping before they hit the bottom.

Sounds pretty standard, you say? Well the twist is that you have to trace the numbers on the hearts to fire, as opposed to controlling your character directly.

It looks rather spiffy and uses both OpenGL and the Android NDK - that’s a method of using C++ to code Android apps for you techies out there.

It’s priced at ¥350 (around £2.40) and we’ll be taking the game out to review over a candlelit dinner next week.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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