Lost Light adds new semi-auto sniper rifle in latest update

Lost Light adds new semi-auto sniper rifle in latest update
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NetEase Games has announced an exciting new update for its immersive survival shooter, Lost Light. It introduces a new semi-auto sniper rifle, the SR-18, in addition to the game’s first-ever Guild Tournament and an upgraded shelter.

Lost Light has expanded its arsenal with the SR-18, a semi-auto DMR created by Cordell Arms Company. It utilizes .338 Magnum Bullets and it is compatible with all AR Series Parts. The gun boasts excellent performance at long range, while also dealing great damage.

A few more Tactical Items are also being thrown into the mix. The list includes an M18 Smoke Grenade, CR Gas Grenade, M23 Stun Grenade, Laser Trip Mine, and an RTO Hand Grenade. They offer a lot of operational flexibility and tactical resourcefulness, giving players the power to change the tide of the battle at any time.

This update also introduces the Guild System to Lost Light. Players can rally other Fireflies to their cause by setting up a squad on Discord. Rewards for doing so include a 6-star Secure Case, DIY Avatar Frame, Guild Exclusive Skin, and numerous other Weapons and Items. The Tournament will only increase the pile of goodies that can be obtained.

Furthermore, Lost Light’s shelter has been revamped with a much cleaner UI that gives a smoother and more intuitive experience. The updated version will make it simpler to set goals for future operations. Storage can be levelled up for free and players can also upgrade the shelter to increase its efficiency.

To cap it off, a new Map Boss joins Lost Light. The Raymond Squad will soon make its presence felt on multiple maps as players engage in intense firefights with powerful enemies. There is an increased risk when taking them on, but also much better loot to collect. Don’t worry about losing it though, a Free Secure Case is always there.

Get your hands on all these new items by downloading Lost Light now for free.

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