NetEase Games’ upcoming shooter game, Lost Light, strips war down to its raw, emotional core

NetEase Games’ upcoming shooter game, Lost Light, strips war down to its raw, emotional core
| Lost Light

Tensions run high in Lost Light, the survival war game from NetEase Games where your decisions walk the fine line between life and death.

It’s 2042, and as the world teeters on the brink of destruction after a catastrophe hits City T, survivors are forced to take extreme measures to live another day. As a member of the "Firefly" Vanguard squad, you are sent to the lockdown area to search for survivors amidst the constant threat of death. But as you venture further into your mission, you uncover various truths - and you realize that when it comes to war, things aren’t always what they seem.

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While most conventional shooter games highlight the glory of combat above all else, Lost Light chooses to focus on the complexity of the human condition in the apocalyptic war genre, and more often than not, it can go one of two ways - do you succumb to the hopelessness around you and spiral downward, or do you stick to your morals and be the light in the dark? Death is inevitable during war, but what makes for a more intense gameplay experience often isn’t just the bloodshed - it’s the emotional impact of devastation and demise that brings even the toughest and most battle-hardened veteran to his knees. When push comes to shove, how will the circumstances of war affect human choices under extreme duress in a crisis?

To magnify this unique approach to the average war game, Lost Light features an in-battle partnership function where players need to make the toughest decisions to ensure their survival. They can either go on as they please after all the shooting and the looting, or complicate matters even more by sparing enemies and partnering up with them in order to boost their chances of survival on the battlefield.

The free trade system also makes for a more realistic war experience as players are forced to deal with the scarcity of resources the best way they see fit. Players can barter with one another and find the most efficient way to keep death at bay for as long as they possibly can, or buy low and sell high to make a profit when needed, because there will always be opportunists during war.

As for the combat itself, players can bask in the realism of the firearms, as each one has up to a whopping 12 modifiable parts and endless components and possibilities. It’s up to you to figure out how to maximize gun modifications to guarantee that your loadout can bring death and destruction everywhere you go.

As NetEase Games builds toward its goal of a closed beta test in Australia & New Zealand on January 28, 2021 at 17:00 (UTC+11), players can expect more interconnected social functions in future updates to help provide a meaningful and more collective war experience. You can find Lost Light to download here: https://lostlight.onelink.me/fUb0/584716cd

Still, not only does the game offer difficult choices that have lasting consequences throughout your whole gameplay experience, but it also makes sure that there is always hope through it all. After all, what is a “Firefly” if not for its inspiring flicker of light in the dark?

For more information be sure to check out the official Lost Light  website or follow its Facebook page and Discord.