Lost Light, the survival shooter from NetEase, soft launches today in the UK and Germany

Lost Light, the survival shooter from NetEase, soft launches today in the UK and Germany
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NetEase has now soft-launched its upcoming mobile survival shooter game Lost Light in the United Kingdom and Germany. The game is available now in those regions for Android devices.

Lost Light is a shooter that is all about survival, warfighting, and progression. It’s actually really committed to recreating a realistic war experience, with plenty of details in the game that make it a compelling experience on mobile.

For example there’s a fleshed-out running system, where running speed is affected by the weight of the items you carry in your backpack, so it’s a good idea to check what you’re carrying before setting out on a mission. This also affects the amount of stamina you have, and your character must rest if they get too tired.

Meanwhile, the game also presents you with interesting moral dilemmas. After knocking an enemy down, you can either choose to execute them and seize their possessions, or you can heal them and temporarily team up to cooperate and escape together.

As you complete missions, you receive an item called a Life Detector, which alerts you to when enemies are approaching. If it turns red and starts flickering, you know there’s one nearby so you can prepare yourself to be on your guard.

Lost Light also has a realistic weapons and ammunition system, with hundreds of different components to allow you to customise your gun in many different ways.

Lost Light is now available as a soft launch title in the UK and Germany. It has also previously been made available in Australia and New Zealand. If you’re located in those regions, you can download it from the Google Play for Android store. It should be expanding to more territories later this year.

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