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Lost in Play, the award-winning tale of two imaginative siblings, is out now on Android and iOS

Lost in Play, the award-winning tale of two imaginative siblings, is out now on Android and iOS

Nearly a year after releasing on PC and the Nintendo Switch, Happy Juice Games’ immersive point-and-click puzzle adventure, Lost in Play is finally available on Android and iOS. Featuring a thrilling story of two siblings trying to figure a way back home, the game aims to recreate the carefree days of our youth, when we could do silly things with our friends.

Lost in Play's captivating narrative and fun gameplay has won it several awards, including a nomination for the DICE Awards’ Gamily Game of the Year. Now, mobile users will finally be able to experience the quirky adventure of Toto and Gal, who travel across numerous breathtaking worlds while forging bonds with bizarre creatures.

The pair of brother and sister have managed to lose themselves in their own imaginations, hence, the name. Together, the two of them have created a world so surreal and dreamlike, they’ll have to solve a bunch of unique puzzles if they wish to get back home to the realm world.

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And just like any child’s fantasy, this world is full of creatures and places you’ll find nowhere else. From sparking a rebellion in a goblin village to teaching a sheep how to fly, Lost in Play has it all. Through its cartoony visuals and uplifting storyline, the game manages to evoke a sense of nostalgia in everyone.

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Speaking about the mobile version, Kristoffer Nählstedt, CEO & Founder of Snapbreak Games, said: “We wanted to work with talented gaming studios in the puzzle/adventure niche, and the opportunity to publish Happy Juice's award-winning game Lost in Play for mobile and tablet devices marks a new milestone for our company.”

If you're interested in the duo’s quest to return home safely, then download Lost in Play now by clicking on your preferred link below. A part of the game is free-to-play, with the full version unlocking after a purchase costing $5.99 or local equivalent.

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