DSi Motion Tracking game Looksley's Line Up coming to the west

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DSi Motion Tracking game Looksley's Line Up coming to the west
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The impressive and slightly baffling hidden object game Rittai Kakushi e Attakoreda, which uses the DSi's camera for a neat 3D effect, will be coming to North America as Looksley's Line Up.

Using the DSi's front-facing camera to detect how you tilt the system, Line-Up moves the on-screen game world accordingly to pull off a pretty convincing 3D effect. The game uses this cheeky gimmick to spruce up the hidden object genre, having you search out lost items in a fully 3D scene.

While the video certainly impresses, hands on reports with gamers in Japan haven't always been so positive. The game is apparently quite finicky about proper lighting and lining the game up perfectly with your face.

NeoGAF poster Jonnyram writes: "That official video must have been shot in a very brightly lit room, because it doesn't work so well for me in the room I'm in right now." He continues, "The result is, if it loses your face, it doesn't work so well."

The news comes as part of Nintendo's updated North American release schedule, which also confirms a variety of DSiWare release dates in the United States:

May 10th: Photo Dojo, Earthworm Jim
May 17th: Looksley's Line Up, Frogger Returns
May 24th: Metal Torrent
May 31st: X-Scape, Hero of Sparta
June 7th: Flametrail
June 14th: A Kappa's Trail

Looksley's Line Up will release on DSiWare in North America on May 17th.

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