Lifeslide: Tips to help you with the new racing mode

Lifeslide: Tips to help you with the new racing mode

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Here are a few Lifeslide tips to keep in mind when racing.

Lifeslide is an Apple Arcade exclusive that focuses on the art of flying, though, really, it's all about gliding. You control paper airplanes and soar through different locations. You can play solo in the "Story" mode where you try and achieve high scores.

Each track has different obstacles that you need to get through in order to score. Keeping your paper airplane afloat while traversing these tracks is essential. Aside from the story mode, there's also a Zen mode which is all about flying through without scores, timers, or anything else. It's a solid way to relax.

But one of the newest modes is a racing one where you can race against other players from all around the world. You can choose to do one-on-one or you can race with up to 8 other players for a chaotic experience when you play. 

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Be Wary of Obstacles

Lifeslide tips

As we eluded to earlier, Lifeslide features numerous tracks, each with its own obstacles. Many of the tracks you'll race on will have these and so you have to be on high alert. Try not to get too caught up in seeing where your opponent(s) are and just focus on you.

Anytime we play racing games, you know how it goes. It's one of those adrenaline-pumping moments when you're in first place and you see another competitor drive past you to take possession of first place as you all near the finish line.

But, try your best to ignore it if you can. The obstacles are all around on some tracks so you need to stay focused on that. Do that, and everything else should play out itself. I can't guarantee a win or even a second-place finish, but at least you'll be extra competitive knowing how to swerve your way through the track.

Feel Free to Start With One on Ones

With Lifeslide's new racing mode, you can compete against up to eight other players. However, if you want to, feel free to start with something small like a one-on-one race. Races with eight players can be hectic and may throw you off your game.

Starting small will allow you to focus mostly on yourself and the track. Even going with a four-player race will be less wild. Now, if you want to start with eight players and just get used to it, then you certainly can. But, if you don't think you'll be ready, then start small.

It's also possible that you don't want to do big races and just want to do smaller ones. That's totally fine and along the way, it's a solid way to get more acclimated with the tracks you race on, which are voted by the players before starting.

Head into Zen Mode

There's a nice little mode in Lifeslide called "Zen Mode". These have become very popular in games over the years as they allow you to play and relax your mind at the same time. Here, you can do so and take in the beauty that Lifeslide has to offer.

It's also a great place to place your flying skills as well. This is perfect for when you want to do races. You can get more and more comfortable with the controls and navigation. The next thing you know, you're racing like a pro out there.

And in general, just try and enjoy Zen Mode as these are always soothing for the mind. If you're feeling a certain way, then this is a great way to just chill out. And the fact that it can help you prepare for races makes this mode even better. Find your inner zen, flyer of paper airplanes.

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