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Stunning post-apocalyptic survival sim LifeAfter launches globally for iOS and Android

Explore a gorgeous, yet deadly, post-apocalyptic world

Stunning post-apocalyptic survival sim LifeAfter launches globally for iOS and Android
| LifeAfter

Released last year in China to much acclaim, the hugely immersive survival sim LifeAfter has now released globally for iOS and Android. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a devastating virus has left civilization in tatters. With violent factions now set on fighting over and hoarding what precious resources remain, the average person is forced to scavenge for supplies, hunt for food, and fend off swarms of infected in order to survive.

The game sees you travelling across a variety of dangerous – and yet visually stunning – locations, from desolate deserts and freezing forests to war-torn cities and deeply creepy abandoned mines. And with an adherence to realism in both its mechanics and art style, it’s easy to become entirely caught up in the intense moment-to-moment gameplay.

So, in these harsh times, there’s nothing more comforting than the bright lights of the survivor camp known as Hope 101. Here, you’ll be able to find momentary solace with other players. Any friends made along the way can then be teamed up with in co-op to take on deadly bosses or research and develop life-saving technologies. On the other hand, loot-hungry fellow players can prove deadly in the PVE environments – so best remain cautious, eh?

On top of maintaining a decent stock of food and curative items, you’ll also have to carefully tend to your character’s wounds. Establishing a home base from which to operate is similarly important, and updating and expanding your base as you level up is imperative to your survival.

So, if you fancy unleashing your inner survivalist, LifeAfter is available now to download for free over on the App Store and Google Play.