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Life Journey is a new afro-cyberpunk endless runner out now on mobile

Life Journey is a new afro-cyberpunk endless runner out now on mobile

Four Pillars Mobile Entertainment has launched a new auto runner called Life Journey on iOS and Android platforms.

Life Journey is set in a cyberpunk world that combines fiction with nonfiction as it tells a story about African history and life lessons. Designed to take you on a deep exploration of its cyberpunk open world, the game features a large selection of soundtracks and characters that reflect this universe.

As an endless runner, you’ll be doing many of the usual things associated with the genre such as running, jumping and sliding through a neon-stricken expansive world. The game features HD graphics and opportunities to collect daily rewards as an incentive to keep returning to the world.

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Check out this trailer if you want to see more. As you can see, Life Journey features gameplay pretty similar to familiar mobile endless runners such as Temple Run and Sonic Dash.

Aiming to celebrate human diversity and the differences we have as individuals, Life Journey has you moving around the Kiriji warriors and their blockades or smash through them with the right powerups.

“Life Journey is one of the few edutainment games ever created on the African continent,” says Ade Olateju from Four Pillars Mobile Entertainment. “We used the Life Journey game to tell a 170 years old story of determination, doggedness, and resilience of brave refugees that tried to escape intra-ethnic Ijesa and Ibadan war.”

If you’re interested in playing Life Journey yourself, it has launched today on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. It is a free to play title with adverts and in-app purchases.

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