Top 10 best golf games on mobile and handheld (2013)

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Top 10 best golf games on mobile and handheld (2013)
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So, The Masters golf tournament is over and done with for another year, and plucky Australian Adam Scott walked home with the victory. (And a much more enticing bank balance, no doubt.)

But what if you weren't ready for it to be over? What if you need more golfing action in your life? What if the sudden switch from full-on golf to no golf is killing you inside?

Help is at hand. There are some great golf games on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita. All you need to do is grab a couple of them, and you can continue the golf party.

Which ones are worth grabbing? I thought you'd never ask. Read on for Pocket Gamer's top 10 golf games currently available on mobile and handheld devices.

Let's Golf! 3
By Gameloft - download free on iPhone and on Android

The Let's Golf! series may have lost its way in recent times, but you have to remember that at one point, it was the pinnacle of golfing action on mobile.

Sure, Let's Golf 3! has some nasty in-app purchases, and we much would have rather featured Let's Golf 2! in this list. Unfortunately, Gameloft has killed off number two so that you can't download it anymore, so number three will have to do. Ho hum!

Super Stickman Golf 2
By Noodlecake Studios - buy on iPhone and on Android

If you're looking for a far-from-serious golfing experience on mobile, Super Stickman Golf 2 is one of the best you can find.

Think side-scrolling crazy golf and you're in the right ball park. There are bunkers, sticky walls, perks, silly hats, online and local multiplayer. The works, basically.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12
By EA Sports - buy on iPhone and on Android

It wouldn't be a real top 10 golf games list without a bit of Tiger. Although there was no Tour 13 installment on mobile, the Tour 12 version is still worth getting.

The Tiger Woods series attempts to induce the feeling of golfing realism in players, and it does a pretty bang-up job at that. It features everything short of repeated adultery.

Flick Golf Extreme!
By Full Fat - buy on iPhone and on Android

Flick Golf focuses on completing a single shot over and over again, rather than giving you entire courses to compete over.

But it's not as easy as it sounds, thanks to rough winds, the ability to change the direction of the ball in mid-air, and crazy environments that don't always lend themselves so well to golf balls.

Fairway Solitaire
By Big Fish Games - buy on iPhone

What's that? You're saying that Fairway Solitaire isn't a gold game, but is in fact a card game based around the classic Solitaire?

How dare you, good sir slash madam. I'll have you know that, whether you class Fairway Solitaire as a golf game or not, it's still a damn good experience that has helped us pass the time on many train journeys.

Worms Crazy Golf
By Team 17 - buy on iPhone

When those wriggly pink things aren't attempting to blow each other up with bazookas and grenades, they're playing golf. With explosions, obviously.

If you've passed up on this one due to it being yet another Worms game, you really should go back and check it out - it's great fun, and innovative to boot.

Par Out Golf
By Endless Wave Software - buy on iPhone

Par Out Golf is fairly different to the other golf games on this list, in that it involves drawing the path of the golf balls with your finger.

This may sound easy, but obstacles including trees, lakes and blinding clouds aim to stop you from reaching the green.

Fable: Coin Golf
By Ideaworks - buy on Windows Phone

It's normal to be wary whenever a console game is given a mobile spin-off. A lot of them are rubbish cash-ins that aren't worth bothering with.

Fable: Coin Golf is not one of these such cash-ins. It fuses golf and pinball together to make an experience that we genuinely enjoyed. Who could have guessed?

Let's Golf! 3D
By Gameloft - buy on Nintendo 3DS

Yes, we've already included a Lets Golf! game in this list. However, this Nintendo 3DS version is worth mentioning too, as it's the best golf game currently on the handheld.

The move to 3DS came with some quirks, including framerate issues, but overall it's an enjoyable romp for those gamers who have never sampled the wonderful series.

Everybody's Golf
By Clap Hanz - buy on PS Vita

The PS Vita has its own golf game too, and a rather gorgeous one at that. Everybody's Golf is expansive, plays wonderfully, and features some brilliant course design.

Not only that, but you can play online against friends asynchronously - a feature that has proved incredibly useful for Everybody's Golfers.