Legionlands, is a classic auto-battler, out now on Android in early access

Legionlands, is a classic auto-battler, out now on Android in early access
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Legionlands, an auto-battler with turned-based strategy elements. It is now available worldwide for Android in early access.

About Legionlands

Black Bears, a Russian-based studio, has developed and published Legionlands. They are known for titles like Towerlands- strategy of tower defense, The Crypto Games: Bitcoin Tycoon and Idle Submarine: Crafting Journey.

In Legionlands, your objective is to build up a powerful army to lead into battle. Firstly, you need to choose who you want to fight: minotaurs or archers, crossbowmen or heroes, and then collect your warriors to build up your army. You can also merge identical warriors to make them more powerful. As the game unfolds, you will learn more about your playstyle h and which warriors to upgrade.

There is also a PVP mode where you can mark your name in the world rankings. There are 30 different types of units to deploy on the battlefield, and each will have unique skills that will prove crucial in the victory. Besides the battling, there are also puzzles, quests and gold to collect.

It is out now on Android

The Legionlands is out now on Android in early access. You can download it from Google Play. It's a free-to-play app with optional in-app purchases. Unfortunately, there is no news about an iOS launch. We will make sure to update you if any news appears.

Final Words

Legionlands is a simple auto-battler with decent quality graphics. It's a casual experience where you don't have to do much with your hands; you sit simply and watch your army fight and upgrade troops as and when required.

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