Legends of Kingdom Rush is a unique turn-based strategy game coming soon to Apple Arcade

Legends of Kingdom Rush is a unique turn-based strategy game coming soon to Apple Arcade

If you watched our LaunchPad stream last night, you may have seen our exclusive reveal of the upcoming Legends of Kingdom Rush. It’s the sequel to the popular Kingdom Rush series developed by Ironhide Studios and features many improvements over its predecessors.

In Legends of Kingdom Rush, the lush lands of the kingdom are now under control of the dreadful Dark Army, consisting of hordes of orcs that are terrorising the borders. This time there are no more sides, no more good versus evil, only a kingdom against those who threaten to destroy it.

The game features unique turn-based combat, where you switch and match your heroes to create the best combination of tactics that will allow you to beat your enemies. You can certainly recruit legendary and loyal heroes to take on your adventure, but for the most part you’ll be exploring ancient ruins, finding treasures and solving riddles in between your battles against formidable monsters.

You can check out the full reveal that James and Dann did on stream last night by watching the video embedded into this article.

There are over a hundred narrative events to discover in Legends of Kingdom Rush while you journey through the depths of lush forests, climb the extreme mountain heights, and trudge your way through devastated wastelands.

Legends of Kingdom Rush includes five legendary heroes at launch, along with 11 other companion heroes, each with their own degree of skill and power, and three highly replayable adventures where you can unlock many different achievements.

Legends of Kingdom Rush will be coming to the iOS App Store via Apple Arcade, the premium subscription service on iOS that grants you unlimited access to hundreds of mobile games for a monthly fee.

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