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Real time action adventure game Legend of Abhimanyu hits the App Store

Time to battle

Real time action adventure game Legend of Abhimanyu hits the App Store

Recently launched on iOS platforms (with an Android release coming along soon), ACY Entertainment’s Legend of AbhiManYu (LoA) allows players to experience in-depth beat ‘em up and “on-chariot” archery gameplay. Taking influence from the story of Mahabharata, Legend of AbhiManYu simulates fierce epic battles between two warring clans, thrusting you into the middle of the action.

Letting you step into the shoes of the titular hero,LoA places emphasis on creating a console quality experience, being the platform’s first ever 3D action-adventure game that focuses on this specific tale. This results in a unique cinematic look and feel set amidst the backdrop of a thrilling war environment, luring players closer into the intense action.

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LoA features several enemy types to sink your sword into, from dual wielding soldiers to overbearing archers that keep the threats looming from above. Thankfully, AbhiManYu himself has a unique 3-in-1 weapon system to master, which will be your best friend when faced with one of the games many bosses.

With over 1,000 independent characters involved in any one scene, the developers have gone all out to deliver a biblically epic experience which measures up to its legendary story.

Besides testing your swordsmanship and archery skills, you’ll also be tasked with breaking the unique and challenging formations presented by your enemies - so a good deal of strategy and planning is in no short order.

Backed up by an appropriately Indian-inspired soundtrack and contemporary art style, it’s not too hard to role play as AbhiManYu whilst you face down mighty warriors. A sprinkling of fully-rendered cinematic cut-scenes also helps LoA align itself amongst most console-centric games.

Legend of AbhiManYu is a full 3D action-adventure game that’s available to download now from the App Store for $4.99.