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Landlord GO Interview: learn about the making of Reality Games’ incredibly successful AR property management sim

Landlord GO Interview: learn about the making of Reality Games’ incredibly successful AR property management sim

Landlord GO is the mobile property AR sim from Reality Games that lets you trade with real world real estate to become a virtual property magnate.

Starting the game at a grass roots level you’ll begin by buying up corner shops and local amenities before building up to prime real estate, buying, selling, and collecting rent on iconic buildings and landmarks. Landlord GO offers one of the most unique and authentic property trading experiences for mobile, recreating high-stakes bidding wars, with all building prices and rental yields based on the actual market.
The game recently received a brand new update that allows players to trade using live economy trends in the market, as well as the option to buy shares of cities to acquire even more value for their holdings.
We caught up with Landlord GO’s developer, Reality Games, to find out how well it’s performing so far and what players can look forward to in future.

Can you tell us what Landlord GO is all about?

Landlord GO is a first-in-class business simulator game using real-life properties from around the globe! The game gives you the feel of real estate management and an opportunity to become a virtual real-estate tycoon!

What do you think your game offers that you can’t get from any other title on the app stores?

Possibility of buying and selling real-world properties and landmarks. Or simply your favourite local restaurant or a coffee shop. There is something for everyone to buy and own!

What were your inspirations for making the game?

Landlord GO is a younger brother of our first production - Landlord Tycoon. The main difference between them is - Landlord go is easier to play, enhanced mapping services and a fresh and new look, opening the game to a much bigger audience.

How is Landlord GO performing so far and has it been meeting expectations?

One month after launch, we already had 1 million downloads worldwide. But this does not stop us. We are continuously growing with the help of our players, who help continue to craft the game by sharing their thoughts and opinions on our Discord & Facebook channels.

What tips or advice would you give to new players trying Landlord GO for the first time?

For sure I would advise all the new players to buy familiar properties around where they live, work or like to visit. It creates a personal connection and enhances game play. Additionally by buying properties of one type you get a bonus and your empire grows even faster!

To learn more about Landlord GO or to download the game make sure to check out the its official website.