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How Landlord Go uses real-world data to deliver the most authentic property simulation on the market

The cutting-edge tech behind the hot property sim

How Landlord Go uses real-world data to deliver the most authentic property simulation on the market

In a world with more than 3 billion active mobile devices, trillions of data trails are left behind across the city streets as the iOS and Android-using mases go about their daily business. Isn’t it about time this dormant data was put to good, non-exploitative use?

Enter Landlord Go, a mobile property sim from Reality Games that has harnessed these real-life digital footprints to become one of the most unique and authentic games of its kind.

Disrupting the market

The aim of Landlord Go is to become a virtual property magnate who trades in the world’s most famous real estate. You will buy, sell, and collect rent on iconic buildings and landmarks, and the whole experience is powered by a massive pool of real-world data.

Players will start out small, buying up corner shops and other local amenities, but savvy investors will soon find that they’re building up net worth and amassing a real estate empire. The game offers a realistic property trading simulation and even recreates high-stakes bidding wars, with all building prices and rental yields based on the actual market.

In short, Landlord Go turns the world around you into a compelling mobile strategy game and connects you to your city in all kinds of innovative ways.

Cutting-edge tech

What really sets Landlord Go apart from its mobile strategy rivals is the technology at its core. The game uses augmented reality to harness real buildings, real people, and actual market prices to deliver the definitive property dealing experience.

Property values are calculated based on a wide range of real-world factors, including the building’s distance from the city centre and local amenities, and rental yields are affected by the amount of footfall your property is attracting. If another player visits one of your properties in real life, they will have to pay you digital rent in the game.

Reality Games enlisted the services of NASA to ensure that Landlord Go is as accurate is possible. Satellite scans provided by the space agency helped the developer divide the world into 10 billion unique plots where digital footprints and property intel could be mapped. The satellite data even showed night-time emissions that were factored into the data sets.

The studio uses a proprietary AI and data platform called Big Dots to add this real-world data to the game, and this helps them ensure that everything from building heights to location information is fully accurate. The attention to detail really is unprecedented.

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Ready to immerse yourself in the high-stakes thrills of real estate trading? Landlord Go is available to download from the App Store and Google Play today.