Illusion Labs preparing Labyrinth 2 for iPhone

Accelerometer driven sequel keeps the ball rolling

Illusion Labs preparing Labyrinth 2 for iPhone
| Labyrinth 2

When Illusion Labs first released Labyrinth for iPhone in October 2008, the novelty of rolling a realistic ball bearing around a wooden maze game was entertainment enough.

It was as simple as any physical toy in terms of gameplay, but the realism of its physics and this new form of motion-sensitive control system was quite awe-inspiring.

More than 12 months on, that novelty value has worn off, so the developer has its work cut out in keeping those simplistic game mechanics interesting in the forthcoming sequel, Labyrinth 2.

The official website has just gone live, and details how Labyrinth 2 will allow you to create your own levels using the web-based editor on the main site and share them instantly with other players. Players will also be able to rate user-created levels, creating something of a Labyrinth community with plenty of new levels to keep you playing.

It'll also pack in four player multiplayer over wi-fi or Bluetooth (so local multiplayer only, presumably), while the game itself will add cannons, pinball bumpers, multi-ball, doors, magnets, fans, lasers and a host of other obstacles to give the ball and maze game the extra depth it deserves.

Labyrinth has been downloaded over 10 million times, apparently, so chances are a lot of people are eagerly awaiting this sequel. Check out the trailer below.

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