Kowloon’s Curse, the turn-based mobile horror, hits Kickstarter goal

About six hours left to go

Kowloon’s Curse, the turn-based mobile horror, hits Kickstarter goal
| Kowloon's Curse

Last month, Studio [notes.] launched the Kickstarter campaign for its turn-based horror game Kowloon’s Curse. With about six hours left to go, the campaign has turned out to be a success with funding secured.

Kowloon’s Curse will be a turn-based RPG and horror game where you explore a surreal version of Kowloon Walled City, either fighting or befriending the people who live within it. You’ve been brought here by the enigmatic Mr. Kowloon, and must find a way out before the city’s darkness can consume you.

The initial goal of the Kickstarter was €6,500 (£5,613), with the campaign currently at €7,915.70 as of the time of this post. This means the game has enough funding to see a release next year.

There are some stretch goals, however, which means with extra funding there’ll be more content added to the game. The first stretch goal at €10,000 brings two more character designs to the game. The second and third stretch goals come in at €15,000 and €20,000 respectively, and are currently secret.

With only six hours left to go in the campaign, it’s unlikely the game will hit these stretch goals but it’s good to see the game at least has the budget to finish development.

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You can watch the trailer for Kowloon’s Curse above. Studio [notes.] has said a single playthrough should take about six hours to finish, but multiple runs are ideal if you want to experience the full story.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign for Kowloon’s Curse right here, and if you’re interested you still have about six hours to support the project. It will be releasing on the iOS App Store, Google Play and Steam in May 2022.

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