KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is introducing Vanir in a new update as the game celebrates 500 days since launch

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is introducing Vanir in a new update as the game celebrates 500 days since launch

Nexon has just announced a new update for its mobile gacha RPG, KonoSuba: Fantastic Day. In this update, a new character from the original anime joins the game. Vanir, the series’ main supporting character, joins KonoSuba through the Vanir Joins the Battle event.

Vanir made his first appearance in the original anime and will join KonoSuba: Fantastic Days as the ex-general of the Devil King and the Duke of Hell. He’s known pretty well considering the number of times Vanir has shown up in both the game’s stories and events.

Players will find the demon Vanir wearing his iconic mask. His powers allow him to see all of time, be it past, present, or future, while also peeking into the minds of others, honing in on their thoughts. He lives up to his devil rank as Vanir enjoys instilling negative feelings into others, purely for their own enjoyment.

The Vanir Joins the Battle! Recruit event has already gone live and will be available until December 22nd. It includes Festival characters like the 4-star Vanir (Duke of Hell), 3-star Vanir (Punishing Pose), 4-star Megumin (Legendary Adventurer), and the 4-star Wiz (Legendary Adventurer).

In the same period, a multi-battle event called A Dungeon for This Masked Demon is accessible too. In this event, players will be able to participate in fights and defeating the Event Boss thrice will grant rewards like the 3-star Vanir (Perfect Dungeon).

Additionally, KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is also nearing 500 days since its launch. To celebrate this milestone, Nexon is hosting a commemorative event which will grant everyone heaps of rewards for just logging in. Players logging in before December 23rd will be granted goodies like the 500-Day Celebration Weapon Selection Ticket, 500-Day Celebration Jewellery Selection Ticket, Cat Ear Relief (x2), Skill Potions, and a bunch of upgrade materials.

Download KonoSuba: Fantastic Days now for free and get your hands on Vanir.

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