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Kingdom Maker: 5 famous royalty traits we'd like to see Nobles pass onto their heirs

Kingdom Maker: 5 famous royalty traits we'd like to see Nobles pass onto their heirs

Whichever side you're on when it comes to the neverending debate of nature vs. nurture, traits inherited from parents still have an effect on heirs - and even more so with strategy MMO Kingdom Maker. This cheeky medieval adventure not only lets you customise your own narrative, but it also lets you tinker around with the kind of heirs you want to carry on the legacy of your kingdom.

In the spirit of the light-hearted nature of the game, we decided to have some fun and picked out a few pop-culture nobles who embody the types of traits you'd definitely want your Nobles to pass on.

Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades

Anti-heroes are all the rage right now, and they're popular for a reason - they're complex, totally badass, and often just look hella awesome. Sarah Kerrigan was dominating the anti-hero space for the longest time even before it was cool, with her ruthlessness in combat and fierce determination to achieve her goals whatever it takes.

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While most queens get their titles from marrying into royal bloodlines, Kerrigan is a league of her own - her self-proclaimed Queen of Blades title is a fitting tribute to her powerful psychic abilities and her fearsome control of the Swarm. Nobody across the whole StarCraft franchise should really be foolish enough to dispute her rule - and with that, inheriting a Self-Made trait from her would totally help your heirs stand on their own two feet without relying on anyone else.

Ice King

Simon Petrikov was a kind-hearted but deeply misunderstood man whose encounter with a magical crown twisted his mind and eventually drove him insane. Adventure Time has always been known for its deep and emotional narratives disguised under lighthearted artwork, and Ice King's story is one such instance.

As Ice King, he rules the snow-covered peaks of the Ice Kingdom with an unhealthy obsession for princesses - but you gotta admire his determination despite being foiled by Finn and Jake over and over again. His Tenacity trait would definitely suit your heirs well whenever they've got mountains of obstacles to overcome.


The tyrannical Lord of Apokolips is set on enslaving all lifeforms in the multiverse with the Anti-Life Equation, and this powerful New God will stop at nothing to achieve his ultimate goal. Sure, he can eliminate anyone who stands in his way with his Omega Beams, but he chooses to let his minions do the work first, because why sweat it when you can just order it?

If you're keen on giving your heirs the power to stick to an equation no matter what the cost, inheriting a Mathematical Prowess trait from Darkseid is probably the best way to go.

Firelord Zuko

With arguably one of the most memorable redemption arcs in pop culture, Zuko began his journey as a banished prince on a hopeless quest to regain his honour. By the end of the whole Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise, he not only reclaimed his rightful place on the throne, but he also continued to make the world flourish by governing hand-in-hand with the Avatar.

Everyone loves a good comeback story, and a proper Counter trait from this royal Firebender can give your heirs the ability to bounce back from failures again and again and - quite literally - fight fire with fire.


Of course, you can't have a proper list of royalty without Cleopatra, who wields her wit like it's nobody's business. Often known for her powers of seduction, she's actually a very formidable intellectual opponent given how she managed to pull the strings behind the most influential men in history.

A good Manipulation trait should do the trick when your heirs are fighting with brains rather than brawn, because when it comes to psychological warfare, the pen is indeed mightier than the sword, isn't it?

If you're eager to live out your fantasies and build your epic royal lineage, you can download Kingdom Maker now on the iOS App Store and on Google Play.