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Kingdom Maker is a new strategy game from Scopely that lets you rule your way, out now for iOS and Android

Kingdom Maker is a new strategy game from Scopely that lets you rule your way, out now for iOS and Android

Today, mobile gaming giant Scopely announced the release of its latest endeavour. It's a strategy game called Kingdom Maker and is available now for iOS and Android. As you might have guessed from the name, it is set during medieval times and tasks you with ruling over and building your kingdom.

With Kingdom Maker, Scopely is keen to give you an array of choices for ruling your kingdom. That means you can follow a path of diplomacy, forging alliances and establishing important relationships. Alternatively, you can destroy anyone who poses a threat to your throne or a mixture of the two if you can't quite make up your mind.

Outside of big decisions, you will also need to assemble a powerful army. Kingdom Maker gives you access to various customisable units and Champions, each bringing something different to the table. Once you're happy with your forces, you can conquer new realms by participating in real-time combat. However, if you're content with the land you possess, you can opt to defend your castle by fortifying its defences.

Discussing Kingdom Maker, Steve Huff, President of Games at Scopely, said: “It's not often that you come across a game experience that offers a completely new spin on how and why we play, and ‘Kingdom Maker’ is just that. The game is a refreshing take on 4X and an excellent complement to our diverse portfolio of engaging, dynamic titles. The original world within ‘Kingdom Maker’ brings a sense of humor to the strategy genre, enables an unrivalled degree of personalization, and delivers deviously exhilarating medieval fun to players everywhere. As a deeply social experience with expansive possibilities, the game is designed to evolve with players for years to come.”

Kingdom Maker is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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