Kingdom Clash is a battle simulator out now on Android worldwide

Kingdom Clash is a battle simulator out now on Android worldwide
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Kingdom Clash - Battle Sim takes you on a journey to a medieval realm where you take part in epic battles to fight for the freedom of your kingdom. It has just been released on Android worldwide.

About Kingdom Clash

Casual Azur Games has just released Kingdom Clash - Battle Sim on Android. It is a popular video game developer known for titles like Stack Ball - Crash Platforms and Worms Zone. io - Hungry Snake.

In Kingdom Clash - Battle Sim, you deploy soldiers onto the battlefield to combat the enemy's troops. You have to make wise judgments based on your battle regiments' capacity, opponents' military forces, and map conditions. You have to lead your army to difficult hideouts and don't let your corps fail in battle, and you will be the boss of this epic battle. You have to upgrade your army to make it as strong as possible. You can also summon legendary heroes in your troop.

Kingdom Clash is now available globally

Kingdom Clash - Battle Sim has just been released and is now available worldwide for Android and can be downloaded from Google Play. It's free to play title with optional in-app purchases.

Unfortunately, Kingdom Clash - Battle Sim is not available on iOS. The developer has also not provided any details either so it's unclear whether it will even release for iOS in future.

Final words

Kingdom Clash - Battle Sim is a strategy based battle game that has just landed on Android. It features 3D battle arenas and is set in the medieval period. Casual Azur Games is well-known for creating some of the best casual titles available on mobile. Hopefully, Kingdom Clash - Battle Sim will be another good option for game hoppers.

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