Fluffy pet-sim Kinectimals appears on App Store


Fluffy pet-sim Kinectimals appears on App Store
| Kinectimals (iOS)

It's cute, cuddly, and often a little creepy looking. Kid-friendly pet sim Kinectimals is now available on iPhone and iPad.

This Microsoft-owned IP was formerly exclusive to Xbox 360 and as a mobile title for Windows Phone 7. Surprisingly, it has now made the jump to devices from longterm rival Apple.

The game features a range of mini-games to play with your virtual pet on the island of Lemuria. You can snap photos, feed your pet chow and unlock certificates for being a good handler.

Kinectimals for iOS can also hook up with the Kinect-based Xbox 360 version, which allows you to unlock five new cubs.

If a tiger in your pocket isn't too frightening of a prospect, the game is available on the App Store now for £1.99.

Tom Worthington
Tom Worthington
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