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Kerby, Leask Studios’ casual title based on the street ball game of the same name, is out now

Kerby, Leask Studios’ casual title based on the street ball game of the same name, is out now
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Indie game developer Leask Studios has released Kerby, a simple and casual title inspired by the classic street ball game. Meant for players to enjoy the street game straight from the palm of their hands, Kerby has all the basics of the competitive pastime reimagined for mobile.

The mechanics of Kerby involve people throwing a ball back and forth across a street. The main goal is for the player to hit the kerb and then catch the rebound in order to score points. The developers themselves have spent countless summers growing up enjoying this very game on a quiet road, and with this mobile version, they hope to bring that same level of fun to mobile gamers everywhere.

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Featuring both a single-player and a split-screen mode, Kerby can be played all by your lonesome or against friends to see who can score the winning streak to reach ten points first. There are lots of coins to collect that will let players unlock multiple skins for the balls, as well as unlock locations and other mini-games. Who knows? You might just end up playing Kerby with a wayward alien in a spaceship.

If you’re curious about how the game looks or wondering about the game’s mechanics, you can take a peek at the embedded YouTube trailer above to get a feel of the title. You can also pay a visit to the developers’ official website to stay updated on all the latest news on their projects. Of course, if you want to give Kerby a go yourself, you can download the game on Google Play.

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