KartRider: Drift launches Season 2: World Kart Championship with new racers and tracks

KartRider: Drift launches Season 2: World Kart Championship with new racers and tracks

Nexon and Nitro Studios have just announced the launch of Season 2 for the popular mobile racer, KartRider: Drift. Titled World Kart Championship, the update brings new tracks, characters, a battle pass, and another epic collaboration. It’s only been about two months since the game launched, but it’s already taken the genre by storm thanks to the massive player base established by its predecessors.

In KartRider: Drift’s World Kart Championship season, players will race in popular tracks in the WKC: Korea Circuit and the WKC: Brazil Circuit, which have been populated with unique obstacles and accessories. They’ve been crafted to keep players on their toes as they drive towards the finish line in full speed.

A total of four tracks are being added to the game in this update. And on those tracks, players can take on the role of a bunch of new characters like Derek, Lodumani, and Tierra. That’s not all because the rest of them are joining through the collaboration with IPX’s popular character IP, BT21.

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Players can expect characters like Koya, RJ, Shooky, Mang, Chimmy, Tata, and Cooky to hop into the KartRider universe. The new avatars can be unlocked by progressing through the free and premium Racing Pass tiers, while the BT21 characters must be purchased from the Item Shop.

Furthermore, a new game mode called Infinite Boost is also coming to Drift. Other inclusions involve a player-supplied Decal Market, balloon accessory consumable, and quality of life improvements like the addition of random parties and the ability to further increase the Driver’s License progress.

Participate in the World Kart Championship now by downloading KartRider: Drift for free by clicking on your preferred link below. Visit the official website for all the patch notes for this update.

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