E3 2012: G5 bringing its first 'AAA' physics-puzzler to iOS in July

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E3 2012: G5 bringing its first 'AAA' physics-puzzler to iOS in July
| Jumpster

G5 Games, the studio responsible for the Virtual City franchise and a whole bunch of hidden object games, has just announced its very first "AAA" physics-puzzler, which you'll able to download from Apple's App Store sometime in July.

In this "high-flying action" game, entitled Jumpster, you take on the role of a small alien who needs to recover plenty of fuel in order to escape the strange planet that he's inadvertently crash-landed on.

As you can see in the video below this article, your job is to fire the little blighter from a slingshot; avoid monsters and obstacles; and nab the precious gasoline.

New directions

Jumpster will be updated periodically with new content and brainteasers, so there should be a steady stream of content to keep you busy.

It'll be a free download for both the iPhone and iPad, but will be packed with in-app purchases that will allow you to customise several aspects of the title's protagonist and gameplay.

Keep your eyes peeled for Jumpster's arrival next month.

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