How Jiglo on BlackBerry is a puzzle game done right [Sponsored]

A perfect fit

How Jiglo on BlackBerry is a puzzle game done right [Sponsored]
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A jigsaw app might sound like something anyone can churn out with relative ease, but as with many things in life there's a real knack to getting it just right.

Developer Kublo S.A.S believes it's managed to get all the pieces to fit perfectly together with its title Jiglo for BlackBerry 10 though - and there are several reasons as to why.

First is that the game is accessible to all due to the three levels of difficulty to choose from, so everyone can enjoy it – be they tile shuffling novices or battle hardened picture assemblers.

Most interesting of all is that Jiglo has an almost infinite amount of content however. This is due to the fact that the app allows you to use photos you've taken and can turn them into jigsaws in the blink of an eye.

The plate holding your dinner? Your new Golden Labrador puppy? The beautiful sunset that's just about to sink below the hills? That building you always see on your way to work that you're particularly fond of?

Just take a photo of them, and they're instantly a new puzzle to solve. This feature not only allows you to have an endless stream of puzzles at your disposal then, but also helps make the game a more personal and involving experience.

You might be concerned that this is an app which still feels cobbled together quickly though, with the main mechanics being a little clumsy – but have no fear, as Kublo S.A.S have experience in the puzzle game genre.

They were the developers behind titles including Puzzlo and Kazzo, so you know you're in safe hands when you download Jiglo. Warm, welcoming, puzzle loving hands.

The game has been designed primarily for BlackBerry too – the Built for BlackBerry designation is proudly displayed in-game – so you know this app will provide you with the signature BlackBerry 10 experience you have come to love.

The game is wrapped up in a clean and colourful art style, and unlike a physical puzzle set there's no risk of your pieces being scattered everywhere due to an unruly child or immature friend either. Result.

It's worth saying that the game is free too – so if you have a BlackBerry device there's no excuse not to get your jigsaw on right now. Go on. Go.

You can download Jiglo – for nothing, not one penny – by clicking here.