Jaws swims onto iPhone

Dur-der dur-der dur-der DUM de-dur-der DUM

Jaws swims onto iPhone
| Jaws

What could possibly be better than playing the role of the silent hunter of the sea - a huge, quick, deadly predator that prays upon the wounded, circles the scared, and leaves a tiny fin up to announce its presence to the complacent?

Why, playing the chief of police tasked with hunting it down of course! No, wait, that doesn’t sound as good now I come to think of it.

Jaws, the first officially licensed game based on the classic Spielberg film to hit the App Store, puts you in the shoes of Martin Brody as he attempts to rescue swimmers and fight the 25-foot long monstrosity that lurks a few feet below the waves off Amity Island.

It looks to be a lot like Shark or Die in reverse then, with a bigger shark and, possibly, bigger boats.

The 10 levels require the player to flick swimmers to safety before the giant shark can munch their bones, all taking place under the ominous Oscar-winning theme from John Williams. I’ve tried to recreate it in the strap line just in case you’ve forgotten how it goes.

Jaws is available now on your local App Store beach for £1.79/$2.99/€2.39.