UPDATE: Jaws chomping its way onto Java and Android

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UPDATE: Jaws chomping its way onto Java and Android
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UPDATE: Connect2Media has informed us that Jaws is out now on Java and Android. We've amended the original article to reflect this.

Android and Java players of a nervous disposition should stay out of the water, as Connect2Media has brought Jaws over from the iPhone.

In 1975, the cinema-going public was frightened out of its wits by Spielberg's mechanical predator, assisted in no small measure by that legendary theme tune.

Last August, Bytemark Games released its top-down iPhone spin-off of the blockbuster movie, pitting players against the iconic shark as he chomps his way through innocent beach holidaymakers.

Roger Davies, chief commercial officer, Connect2Media, says: "Jaws is one of the greatest film franchises ever, not only smashing box office records but making significant waves in the film industry.

"It is much more than a movie; it is a truly iconic part of popular culture. We expect this game to take a huge bite out of the market when it’s launched."

Terrible shark-based puns aside, Jaws is out now on Android and Java.