GoldenEye DS: More details

Do you expect me to talk? No, Mr Bond. I expect you to play

GoldenEye DS: More details

Reporting from Comin-Con, IGN has revealed new details about and impressions of GoldenEye on DS.

GoldenEye is already set to be released as a first-person shooter for the Wii and DS later this year, and has some noticeable differences from the 1997 game.

Although it contains the basic elements of the original story, it has now been re-interpreted using Daniel Craig’s portrayal of Bond as opposed to Pierce Brosnan’s.

Gameplay differences from the N64 version on DS include the absence of power-ups – you have to hide to regain health.

Added features include more stealth skills, different pathways to explore, and a new tank level to contend with.

The gameplay also utilises the main features of the DS - for example, you can use the touchscreen in order to destroy barriers, swipe security keys, and key in codes. In some levels, you can also tap to change weapons and engage in close-combat when the opportunity arises.

In the new tank level, you're placed at the helm of cannons and machine guns, and have to tap to replenish your vehicle’s shield. Other features include an on-screen radar to show where the enemy are lurking as well as level maps.

You can also compete in local and multiplayer matches online with the DS (and the Wii version, for that matter). Golden Gun and Flag Tag modes make a welcome return from the original 1997 version along with some new modes specially created for the DS release.